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Hello there, Monday today and a new Exciting week in Rock, Metal world, and thank you for Reading this is for you…

Scott Ian: Anthrax ’Would Certainly Love’ to Collaborate With Lady Gaga

Uncertain if Metallica and Lady Gaga will work together again, Scott Ian has expressed he has long admired the pop singer’s voice & would like to work with her.

(Source http://loudwire.com/)

Neck Deep Have Announced A Big Headline Tour

The Peace And The Panic is coming to UK venues this year…

(Source http://kerrang.com/)

Spotify-lista v.21 – Doom Over The World

Below – Hours of Darkness

The Doomsday Kingdom – A Spoonful of Darkness

Apocalypse Orchestra – Flagellant’s Song

Candlemass – Born in a Tank

Cathedral – Hopkins (The Witchfinder General)

Solitude Aeturnus – Sightless

Reverend Bizarre – Doom Over The World

My Dying Bride – For You

Paradise Lost – As I Die

Count Raven – The Poltergeist

Pagan Altar – The Cry of the Banshee

Trouble – Assassin

Electric Wizard – Torquemada 71

Saint Vitus – Born Too Late

Doom: VS – Earthless

Pentagram – Sign of the Wolf (Pentagram)

Source http://metalcentral.net/)

My own Spotify list 32:an Weekly, welcome in and listen and Perhaps follow


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