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SKULL FIST – New Album To Be Released In October 2018: ”Stepping Back Into A More Natural Sound”

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Canadian metal maniacs Skull Fist  are set to unleash their third album, Way Of The Road, on October 26th, 2018 through NoiseArt Records.   A strong moral compass in battle with even stronger drinks… When Skull Fist set off their first riffs and deliver their third studio album full of authenticity…

SLASH Talks Possibility Of A New GUNS N’ ROSES Album – ”There’s No Shortage Of Ideas From Everybody Involved”

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Speaking with Ultimate Classic Rock about whether a new Guns N’ Roses album is in the cards when the band’s Not In This Lifetime tour finally comes to a close, guitarist Slash said ”I think everybody thinks it’s a good idea, and everybody would like to do it. There’s no…

ETERNITY’S END Featuring Members Of NECROPHAGIST, SYMPHONY X, OBSCURA And HIBRIA Gearing Up To Release Second Album; Studio Reports Available (Video)

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Germany-based neo-classical power metallers Eternity’s End featuring members of Necrophagist, Symphony X, Obscura, Hibria, First Fragment and Alkaloid are back to record their second album. Unyielding will be the follow up to the internationally acclaimed 2016 debut, The Fire Within. This album features several line-up changes for…

HEART Guitarist NANCY WILSON Talks ROADCASE ROYALE Bandmates And Music – ”Together, We Kind Of Make The Rock And Soul Thing”

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Jason Saulnier recently caught uöp with Heart guitarist Nancy Wilson to discuss her other band, Roadcase Royale. In the clip below she talks about the importance of a great logo, the album First Things First, the band as a family with Liv Warfield, Ben Smith, Dan Rothchild, Chris Joyner and…

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