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IRON MAIDEN Bassist STEVE HARRIS – ”It Becomes More Of A Reality That One Day We May Not Be Able To Tour Anymore, But I Don’t Want To Think About That”

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Speaking with Metal Hammer, bass legend Steve Harris discussed the future of Iron Maiden. Following is an excerpt from the inteview. Harris: ”I’m pretty damn sure we will do another album, and then all well and good, we’ll go out on tour to back that up. How long that will…

DAVID LEE ROTH – Script For VAN HALEN Singer’s Never-Produced $20 Million Film Crazy From The Heat Surfaces Online

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Relations between David Lee Roth and Van Halen became super tense during the grueling seven-month tour in support of 1984, reports Dangerous Minds. Roth wanted to do things – like acting – without VH but hoped Eddie Van Halen would do the soundtrack for upcoming film he was planning. At some…

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