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GLENN HUGHES – Pro-Shot Footage Of “Mistreated” Live In Sydney

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Glenn Hughes started his Classic Deep Purple Live tour in Australia in September 2017, with a cracking band including Jeff Kollman on guitar and Lachy Doley on Keyboards. Check out the first show performance of the classic “Mistreated” below: Due to a fire at the Glasgow School Of Art, which…

Rob Zombie Doesn’t Think Slayer Breakup Will Be Permanent

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’They’re gonna be back on the road.’

DANKO JONES Announces Signing Session For New Book In Stockholm This Monday

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Toronto rocker Danko Jones has issued the following update: ”Stockholm! On Monday, July 23rd I will be at Sound Pollution Store in Stockholm speaking about my book, I’ve Got Something To Say. Come and have a listen, get your book signed, or buy a fresh new copy there. We’ll have…

My own Spotify list a journey in metal music welcome

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