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INTEGRITY Performs ”Sons Of Satan” At Northwest Terror Fest 2018; Pro-Shot Video

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Video footage of metallic horror trailblazers Integrity performing ”Sons Of Satan” at Northwest Terror Fest 2018 can be seen below. The track is featured on the impending split LP with Krieg. ”Sons Of Satan” is a re-recorded cover of Integrity frontman Dwid Helllion’s solo project Vermapyre. Additionally, Integrity is…

ALICE COOPER Guitarist NITA STRAUSS Helps You Tighten Up Your Rhythm Chops; New Like A Hurricane Episode Streaming (Video)

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In this new episode of the Guitar World series Like A Hurricane, Nita Strauss (Alice Cooper) shows you some exercises that will tighten up your fast rhythm playing chops. Watch below: Watch previous episodes of Like A Hurricane below:

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