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Report: Rammstein to Release New Album in 2018

Loudwire / by Graham Hartmann

Rammstein’s next studio album will be their first since releasing ’Liebe ist fur alle da’ in 2009.

BERNIE TORMÉ Reconnects With OZZY OSBOURNE At Sweden Rock Festival – ”It Was Like Meeting Up With A Very Old Friend, Like No Time Had Passed”

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World-renowned guitar legend Bernie Tormé reconnected with Ozzy Osbourne at this year’s Sweden Rock Festival, the pair hadn’t seen each other since Bernie left Ozzy’s band in the early 80s. Tormé famously stepped into Ozzy’s band following the death of Randy Rhoads, who was tragically killed in a plane…

Ghost’s Tobias Forge Plots Collaborative Project That Takes ’Many Stars Aligning’

100 Loudwire / by Joe DiVita

He said it’s ’been in the works for years.’

Collaborative projects are an enormous undertaking even in the digital age where file sharing eases the difficulty of getting guest musicians on an album. If there’s one artist who understands time and effort, it’s Ghost‘s Tobias Forge, who has been the band’s visionary and chief writer. Even with all of the time Ghost occupies, he’s revealed another project could potentially surface.

Speaking with 100.5 The KATT (audio below), Forge explained that he has things mapped out years in advance and even had the themes for the new album, Prequelle, developed three or four years ago. “And then I have another project at the end of that tunnel that might or might not materialize,” he added. “It’s a little bit of a side thing that takes a ton of collaboration and many stars aligning and that’s been in the works for years. So we will see if that happens, but that is as far as I can see right now.”

Read More: Ghost Leader Plots Collaboration Needing ’Many Stars Aligning’ | http://loudwire.com/ghost-tobias-forge-collaborative-project/?trackback=tsmclip

Bråvallafestivalen läggs ner

Rocknytt / by Ron Dahlgren

Efter fem festivaler, 250 000 besökare och 349 artister tackar nu Bråvalla för sig.

Inlägget Bråvallafestivalen läggs ner dök först upp på Rocknytt.

After five festivals, 250 000 visitors and 349 artists are now thanking Bråvalla for their own. The post in the ski festival is laid down first on Rocknytt.

Former QUEENSRŸCHE Vocalist GEOFF TATE Talks Napster Controversy, Praises METALLICA Drummer LARS ULRICH For Taking A Stand – ”I Challenge Anybody To Suffer An 85% Loss In Their Income Like Musicians Did”

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Rock Titan recently spoke with former Queensryche frontman Geoff Tate about the 30th Anniversary of the band’s Operation: Mindcrime album, and about the decline of the music industry thanks to the internet. Check out the interview below. Tate: ”At some point in the ’90s, I’m thinking that, from my memory…

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