Film-Sorgenfri !

2015 Dansk

Klaustrofobisk dansk skräck om familj i småstad som tvingas isolera sig i sitt hem när en mystisk smitta bryter ut.

Det är sorgligt att se antagligen duktiga skådespelare ställer upp och förnedrar sig i ett så uselt manus som detta måste vara. 

Trailer- Sorgenfri

Mastodon Drummer Brann Dailor’s Bizarre New Band Arcadea to Release Debut Album in June !

Mastodon drummer/vocalist Brann Dailor, Withered guitarist Raheem Amlani and Zruda guitarist/keyboardist have teamed up to form the bizarre synth rock band Arcedea. The peculiar band just announced their self-titled debut album, which features the sick cut “Gas Giant.”

Arcadea just announced their signing with Relapse Records, revealing their debut will hit our planet June 16. With Mastodon’s masterful Emperor of Sand ruling the metal sphere, becoming the highest-selling album in the U.S. in its first week, now’s the perfect time for Dailor to keep fans enthused with even more music.
Though Arcadea are drum and synth-driven, there’s plenty for rock and metal fans to dig. Dailor’s mean and ultra-technical drumming style shines through Arcadea’s futuristic and somewhat grimy electronics, with all three members of the band providing vocals for the project.
“The album envisions a future five billion years from now, where the impending collision of galaxies creates a new order of planets,” the band explains. “Where cold, distant moons pledge alliance to new suns and expanding gas giants implode into black holes. Ancient drones, forever adrift, record toxic tales of love between dying stars. Where lifeforms in suspended animation, dream among the ice rings of Saturn and cosmic war wages among gods and planets. It is in this universe that Arcadea reign supreme as the last surviving space wizards since the final extinction.”

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Go Inside Avenged Sevenfold’s New Music Video !

Avenged Sevenfold have unveiled an awesome behind-the-scenes look at their upcoming new God Damn video.

Ahead of the release of the official video, taken from last year’s 4K-rated The Stage, the Huntington Beach titans have premiered their ‘Making Of’ clip, featuring a ton of amazing A7X fans on a rainy LA day… And now we really can’t wait for the full thing. Check it out below, and let us know what you think in the comments!

God Damn Video:

BVDK – ”Architecture Of Future Tribes” (2017)

BVDK ”Architecture of future tribes”

Year: 2017
Genre: Post-Black Metal / Electronic

Country: France
Track List:


Surreptitious cluster

Nana buluku

La langue sanglante

Bahir dar

Jericho’s pride

Dar es salaam

Psalm 32

Ok, BVDK, is an experimental post-black metal band from France, the last year we featured their EP here. Now they came with this interesting mix between black metal and Ethnic music paying tribute to africanvoodoo, haitan voodoo and oriental culture in this record.

Even if they don’t speak about politics in their lyrics, they are supporters of the RABM

movement and causes like Decolonization, Feminism, LGBTQ+ rights, Vegetarism,